At Last! A Simple, Fast and Easy Way to Stop Sinus Infection, Pain, Congestion and ALL Sinus  Symptoms!

Do You Want To Get Rid Of Your Sinus

Infection – And STOP Your Mucous

Congestion and Head Pain – IN JUST A FEW

HOURS –Without Toxic Antibiotics or

Expensive Sinus Surgery?

My name is Joe Johnson. I have been actively engaged in research into natural remedies for over twenty years.

If you have Sinus Infection – please read these words – as they will directly affect you.

What I have discovered about Sinus Infection and stopping Sinus Infection quickly is brand spanking new and just might be the untapped resource that you have been looking for.

You will see for yourself how simple it is to quickly stop, not only your Sinus Infection congestion and pain, but your coughing, your lousy headache and pressure – and the terrible feelings of exhaustion that you experience each time you have Sinus Infection.


Joe Johnson
Research Herbalist

What I am going to share with you is a 100%

PROVEN way to get rid of your Sinus Infection –


You will also discover how to heal your Sinus Infection without the need to expensive, useless and even dangerous drugs – before your sinuses are permanently damaged.

Emma Williams – Health Editor on several respected health sites – has urged me to share with you details of an astonishing yet obvious discovery I made about Sinus Infection.

One that gets rid of Sinus Infection faster than you ever dreamed possible – and in many cases – you Sinus Infection will not come back. Now, in plain English, you are going to find out what is most likely the cause of your Sinus Infection and you are going to discover…

The simple, the most powerful and frankly, the

most sensible cure for Sinus Infection ever


Every single day, millions of adults reach for ‘their Sinus Infection antibiotics’, because after all, they have been prescribed for them by their Doctor. They are simply prescribed antibiotics, or steroids, or nasal sprays, or decongestants… the list of toxic ineffectual rubbish goes on and on.

Sometimes you are advised to stop smoking, or to reduce your dairy intake… and the poor Sinus Infection sufferer is often left alone, almost abandoned, left to cope with what can be an excruciating, persistent and debilitating painful and weakening condition.

So what is actually going on? After all, a healthy adult does not normally suffer from Sinus Infection, do they?

So something is wrong with you

If you suffer from Sinus Infection on a regular basis, something is wrong with you. (If you smoke, well, I understand, but sooner rather than later, you have got to quit.) I am sorry to remind you of something so basic, but just because the drug companies do not know how to cure your Sinus Infection, it does not mean that you cannot be cured.

I have been up close and personal with adults who have regular Sinus Infection –and my years of experience have lead me to the following two simple and profound conclusions;

There is NOTHING wrong with your sinuses.


Your headache may be pounding…

Your nose may be blocked with the thickest, greenest, stinking mucous…

Your head may feel like it is going to explode with pressure…

Your eyes may be sticky with pus…

But I am telling you…

There is NOTHING wrong with your sinuses.

If the tailpipe on your car was blowing black smoke

would you buy a new tailpipe?

Of course not. You would get your engine diagnosed and repaired, right?

After all, if the engine is running correctly, the black smoke will disappear from your tailpipe.

It is the same with your sinus infection.

Your immune system – that is your engine – has been weakened, by either stress, or diet, or over work, or worry… but most likely the biggest contributor to your weakened immune system is…

The dose of toxic antibiotics or other toxic

medication used to treat your previous sinus


This severely weakens your immune system – your only defences against the bacteria, yeast and moulds that are desperate to start eating the linings of your sinus cavities, causing you all kinds of pain, congestion, misery and even depression. So the last thing you want to do is stick some more of that chemical crap up your nose. They are likely the cause of the problem.

You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up!

This is why you suffer from Sinus Infection on a 

regular basis

The antibiotics and chemicals that are used to treat your Sinus Infection is weakening your immune system and leaving you wide open to future infection. That is why Sinus Infection sufferers often get it twice or even three times a year. It goes away, and then just comes back again.

And so do all the side effects, like severely weakened immune system, genital and oral yeast infection, itchy backside, digestive problems, blurred vision, impaired hearing and lots more.

Most Sinus Infection is as simple as that

The Crux of the Matter: If you can get kill the bacteria, yeast and mould that is causing the bronchial infection, without damaging the immune system, then that has to be better, right?

So how do you kill the parasites without toxic antibiotics?

Actually, before I show you how to get rid of the disgusting parasites without any toxic antibiotics at all – I want you to know I am not misleading you.

I want you to know the danger you are in. I want you to know what every Doctor is NOT telling you.

It Is Official.

Conventional Medicine Is The Biggest Cause of

Death and Injury in the USA

In case you are in any doubt about the danger of modern drugs, according to a recent report by eminent US Doctors, (see proof below) in the United States alone, the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine, like antibiotics, is an astounding 784000 men, women and children per year.

That’s about 2200 dead men, women and children

every single day

It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. So, I was desperate to find a way of killing the bacteria that was breeding in the sinuses, without harming your immune system.

I have seen so many people permanently lose their health – after taking course after course of antibiotics.

It is tragic. And it is so unnecessary.

That was why I did my research.

You see, human beings with Sinus Infection problems have been around for tens of thousands of years – pharmaceutical companies have been around about 100 years – and they don’t want you to know what your ancestors knew – so my first step in research is always to go back into history.

After a lot of reading – and I don’t mean the usual herbalist research books – I mean that I have secret access to some of the best medical and botanical books on the planet.

Books that are mostly kept hidden away by rich collectors, private libraries, specialist reference libraries, even drug companies – or books that ‘science’ believes are not worth looking at – books written by people who have zero medical qualifications – but who lived in the wilds of Mother Nature – all their lives – and who have had herbal remedies passed down from one generation to the next.

It was in one such research book that I found the

clues to an ancient cure for Sinus Infection

Three herbs that were said to eradicate Sinus Infection quickly. Of course I had heard of these herbs before – I have used them many times – but I had no idea that they would have such a powerful antibiotic effect on Sinus Infection.

I knew that up till now that most natural remedies for Sinus Infection are nothing more than mild decongestants with a pleasant smell.

Most natural remedies for Sinus Infection, they

simply don’t work – they are just not strong enough

They sometimes help a little, but for Sinus Infection, they simply don’t work – they are just not strong enough.

I expected my research to last 6-12 months – but I had a 100% PROVEN remedy in 6 weeks.

My research also established this. That over twenty five years ago, a medical student had scientifically tested a whole range of herbs, and she found that these same three herbs, under strict laboratory conditions, had 100% proven to kill all the bacteria, yeasts and moulds that cause Sinus Infection.

Then her research has since lain forgotten on some dusty university shelf.

I simply devised a simple way to get the herbs from the bottle to your infected sinuses.

Then it was done.

I had a unique remedy which did one simple – and very crucial function.

I had discovered a natural organic remedy which

killed the bacteria, yeast and moulds – that are

causing your Sinus Infection – IN SECONDS


And – unlike antibiotics – it did NOT harm your

immune system in any way at all.

Because the remedy is not swallowed like antibiotic pills, the immune system is not shocked, damaged or weakened.

I wanted to test it for longer – but my conscience wouldn’t let me – because every single client with Sinus Infection was cured – sometimes within just a few hours!

The combined effects of these three organic herbs at preventing Sinus Infection are unstoppable.

Customer Feedback

“”Your sinus treatment worked for me and in under a week my sinus and congestion
was cleared.
This after four rounds of very strong Augmentin (Antibiotic) failed to help. I Use
your product weekly now. Also cancelled my scheduled sinus surgery ($10,000+).
Amazing product results.
Thank you,” “

Mike G – Omaha

Customer Feedback

“Dear Emma, I got your treatment from the Internet.
I am a retired registered nurse, so I don’t go for most treatments offered today, but I
had to do something.

Your program helped me get rid of chronic sinusitis in my first week.

Thank you so much.””

Ann T – Florida

I have called the remedy Sinus Doctor and it has been PROVEN countless times to cure Sinus Infection – because it addresses the problem that antibiotics, painkillers, thrush medication or even inhalers just can’t begin to address.

You simply inhale a few breathes of the remedy vapours from a bowl of steaming water.

This takes about less than a minute.

And that’s it.

No antibiotic pills.
No capsules.
No decongestants.
No steroids.
No inhalers.

No medication that slaughters your already tired immune system.


But I have to warn you.

This remedy is NOT for the faint of heart

Lord, this remedy packs a wallop. It is not to be used on children – and teenagers can only use it if supervised.

Within a few hours of using it – you will KNOW your Sinus Infection problem is getting better.

Customer Feedback

““I knew something had happened.

I could not breathe through my nose when I started your treatment last night.

This morning my nose is clear and pain-free!””

John A – Oakland

Customer Feedback

““I ordered the product two days ago and it arrived this morning. I used it immediately
and I cannot stop smiling.

Let me tell you. My swollen, painful sinuses which I had struggled with for over two
years, simply stopped hurting before I had put the Sinus Doctor back in its box. Even
my wife didn’t believe me!
Seriously, I cannot stop smiling. Thank you so much.”

Eric Peat –Vermont

This is a convenient and easy to use remedy – which means that you don’t have to spend your day making expensive and time consuming doctor appointments, or discussing your personal problems in the drug store.

Just 3 small bottles of a pleasant smelling herbal liquid that you can keep in your pocket or in your purse. But perhaps more importantly – this remedy marks the start of a new life for you.

A life free from Sinus Infection, headaches,

congestion,  coughing, phlegm and days or weeks

of weakness

Not only that, now really listen up to this.

If you use Sinus Doctor once a week throughout

the year, it PREVENTS you from getting Sinus

Infection again.

Can you imagine that?

Well, if you have Sinus Infection, you will know just how big and how important this breakthrough is.

Now, the mystery of treating Sinus Infection is over.

Customer Feedback

“The pain went the following morning.
My runny nose cleared up after two days.
Every symptom was gone after 5 days, just like you said it would.”

Karen R- Los Angeles, CA

If you suffer at all from Sinus Infection, there is now a safe, effective and very affordable solution.

I planned to launch the remedy – called Sinus Doctor – with advertising, fancy packaging and sending it out through my small network of distributors – but I never got the chance.

Word spread quickly about the results I was getting

with Sinus Doctor – patients and herbalists came to

my practice and literally demanded I make it for


But it is not so simple.

You see, I tested a lot of different herbs – and the only organic herbs which consistently stopped Sinus Infection came from the Middle East.

In these war torn, difficult and struggling times, can you imagine how hard it is now to import a shipment from the Middle East? To say my ingredient supply is in the lap of the Gods is a massive understatement….

Recently I managed to beg, steal and borrow enough ingredients for three batches. I make each batch by hand myself. I measure, weigh and mix the ingredients myself. I blend the ingredients myself. So do not worry about that, the Sinus Doctor Remedies I make are of the highest quality.

I have handed two of the batches over to my trusted friend Emma Williams.

If you or a member of your family has a Sinus Infection problem, then I strongly suggest that you get this remedy – called Sinus Doctor – before supplies run out – and before you begin to even consider getting any toxic medication at all.

This remedy really does pack a wallop.

Within a few hours of using it – you will KNOW your

Sinus Infection problem is getting better.

You must hurry however. I normally only give this remedy to my personal clients and fellow herbalists.

Customer Feedback

“”I had spent a small fortune on other remedies.
Sinus Doctor is brilliant, thank you so much. I only used half of your stuff and my
sinusitis was gone.”

Belinda – Tucson

Customer Feedback

“I bought it about 3 weeks ago and nothing has ever worked like this stuff… I tell
everyone I know!!! I have never ever felt better!!!
I had sinus surgery 5 years ago but I have had constant sinus infections and I mean I
could never get rid of them for about 3 years now. I use your stuff about 1 time a day
and feel great!!!

I am so glad I found your web site I am just sorry I didn’t find it 3 years ago! Thanks
again I’m a forever believer!!!”

PJ Stover – Arlington

I have never committed a single batch of Sinus Doctor to anyone else before. Emma begged me not to let the other herbalists or online stores know what we were up to till she had the stock.

Now she has it, it is going faster than even I imagined. So if you mess around, and order late, you may miss out. If you have Sinus Infection problem – then it would be a horrible mistake.

Don’t let that happen

This remedy will result will be you happy and Sinus Infection-free, feeling healthy again, refreshed and ready to go. Sinus Doctor will have you smiling more, because you will be so much more relaxed, enjoying your life and free from the misery of Sinus Infection. And isn’t that what life is all about?

Have a good look at the testimonials below to see how the Sinus Doctor has helped many people across the country get rid of their Sinus Infection fast.

But maybe you have a few seeds of doubt?

That’s fair enough. After all, you don’t know me.

So let me put your mind at rest so that you can experience the Sinus Doctor remedy for yourself.

You can use the Sinus Doctor remedy to your hearts content for a full 90 days if you wish.

You don’t risk a single penny trying this remedy for yourself.  



You have a complete Iron Clad 90 Day

Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

But the clear and simple truth is this.

If this breakthrough Sinus Doctor remedy does not quickly and easily get rid of your Sinus Infection or if you are not completely satisfied in any way any all then I insist that you send the Sinus Doctor back to Emma, (in any condition), and she will personally make sure that
you get a fast and full refund of every penny you paid for the remedy.

No questions asked, and no hassles.

And you can even keep the free set of health books as my way of saying thanks for the remedy. You have my word on that.

Ok, how much will this Sinus Infection remedy cost you?

Well, I normally charge my client’s $200 for an appointment at my office – plus $170 for the remedy. (It is handmade and it is organic). And because you do not have to have an appointment with me to get it, plus I am not using my offices and staff, then I have agreed with Emma to

Give you a 50% DISCOUNT on the 

Sinus Doctor Remedy

This means that you can get your Sinus Doctor remedy for just $87 + $5 Shipping

This means that YOU WILL SAVE OVER $280

(PLUS: Emma literally manhandled me into giving you an ADDITIONAL GIFT OF FREE BONUS HEALTH BOOKS – value $127 – to the FIRST 100 who try the Sinus Doctor remedy – you can see book details below. These bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the remedy.)

This is the first time – and maybe the last time – my Sinus Infection remedy has ever
been sold for less than $170

  • $87 is less than the price of a course of antibiotics (which don’t even work)
  • $87 is less than the price of a course of useless – even dangerous – steroid medication.
  • And it is certainly less than the price of a visit to the doctor.
  • So order your remedy right now – whilst Emma still has the stock and whilst you are still on this page 


Customer Feedback

“My name is Ray from California. After 2 years of suffering from sinus infection and Post Nasal Drip and other sinus problems
24/7, I can say without a doubt that I would have paid $10,000 to someone who had a cure for this.

My Doctor couldn’t help me (or even himself with his own sinus problems).

With the simple knowledge I received from your website and the product itself; I now have the solution and relief that I needed. I
guess the Drug companies won’t be making any more money off me. I had no idea that I could beat this suffering for as little as
the cost of a nice dinner.

Thanks for the knowledge and the cure.”

Ray H – Colorado Springs.

 Simply click on the link below and Emma will get

your remedy in the post TODAY

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I look forward to helping you get rid of your lousy sinus infection – once and for all -  before it’s too late.

Joe Johnson – Herbalist

PS. I almost forgot…

Take the Sinus Doctor 3 Day Mirror Test

After 3 days of using the Sinus Doctor remedy

You can FEEL that your sinuses are CLEAR
You can FEEL that your head pain has GONE
You can begin to feel your ENERGY RETURNING(Sinus Infection is not just about infected sinuses – it effects your whole life – you need your ENERGY BACK – antibiotics will not get you your energy back.)

You will be able to SEE your eyes, nose and face looking healthier

3 day mirror test


Unlike Antibiotics – Sinus Doctor Has No Terrible Side Effects

Do you ever have

  • Itchy backside
  • Itchy genitals
  • Blurred vision
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Feelings of exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headaches
  • There are many, many more of these side effects
  • Etc etc etc
    These are all common side effects of taking antibiotics or Sinus Infection medication!

That’s right. Antibiotic drugs that are used for Sinus Infection infections will weaken your whole immune system, often causing you to feel exhausted AND you get a yeast infection – (that is a fungus that will instantly breed wherever it is warm and moist on your body.) The Sinus Doctor remedy is used in your sinuses only – it is 100% organic – and will not cause you to have a yeast, candida or thrush infection –


This is your chance to GET RID OF your Sinus

Infection and then PREVENT it from coming back!


And Sinus Doctor is SO EASY TO USE.

All you do is follow the simple instructions – 3x a day – and once at bedtime – that is it.

Sinus Doctor will give you instant relief – and will stop your pain and congestion problem normally within a few hours – but sometimes it is within a few days – at most.


Don’t believe me?


You don’t have to.

Because you don’t risk a single penny trying this remedy for yourself. 


You Have a Complete 90 Day Unconditional

100% Money Back Guarantee!

icon1If this remedy does not get rid of your Sinus Infection…. then I insist that you send the Sinus Doctor back, (in any condition), and I will personally make sure that you get a fast, full refund of every penny you paid for the remedy.

icon1No questions asked, and no hassles. Your word is gold around here.

Customer Feedback

 ” I ordered the sinus infection discovery a month or so ago and since I have suffered for over 20 years and had 2 sinus
surgeries I was very skeptical that anything this simple would work.

This very first time I used it I was able to breathe thru my left nostril that up until this point was not getting enough air!!

I am a believer now and as I sit here writing for you, I am crying because I am so happy to have something that does work
and someone like yourself who cares enough to follow up with articles, advice and support!!

All I can say is if you have suffered as I have and believe me it does affect every part of your daily life-you owe it to
yourself to try this proven formula!!!

I will eternally grateful that I stumbled upon your website!!!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Phyllis I – Atlanta

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So Order Your Sinus Doctor Now

My staff will scramble to get your remedy to you as

fast as possible

What we will send you is a remedy that will bring instant relief to your sinuses – and more long term sinus health than you ever dared to dream about.

Lord, this remedy packs a wallop. You will suddenly FEEL your chest improving. Within a few hours of using it – you will KNOW your chest infection and coughing is getting better.

You Must Hurry However. I Normally Only Give This

Remedy to My Personal Clients

If you mess around, and order late, you may miss out.

Don’t Let That Happen

This is big, for anyone with a Sinus Infection, (congestion, coughing, headache, pressure, nasal infection)… if you truly want to get rid of your Sinus Infection problem – and get rid of it FAST – this remedy will instantly give you the power and ability to heal your own Sinus Infection – before it is too late.

The result will be you having clear, mucous free, healthy sinuses – WITH NO PAIN AND NO MUCOUS.

 And isn’t that what great sinus health is all about?

I normally charge my client’s $200 for an appointment plus $170 for the remedy.

Because you do not have to have an appointment with me to get it (and appointments with me are very hard to get).

Remember – You Get a 50% DISCOUNT on the

Sinus Doctor Remedy


This means that you can get your Sinus Doctor remedy

for just $87 + $5 Shipping

This means that YOU WILL SAVE OVER $280!

And it is certainly less than the price of a ‘specialist’ – which you may need if you don’t get your Sinus Infection sorted fast.

Customer Feedback

” Hi there,

many thanks for sending me details of the web site again.

I have to say that I have suffered from sinusitis for about 18 years on and off.

I have tried many remedies, and have had antibiotics and different nasal sprays from ENT specialists, and I have to admit
I was on the verge of trying surgery till I saw your web site.

Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful.

My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and my headaches are less frequent.

Thank you so much. ”

Marian D – Miami

Order right now – whilst you are still on this page

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Order right now – whilst you are still on this page

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These books alone are worth more than the cost of

the remedy

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Another Great FREE DOWNLOAD.

You are going to love having NO PAIN and NO MUCOUS again – and feeling happier – you are going to smile, breathe and move with more energy from now on.

PPS: Warning: I am giving away only 100 FREE copies of these books.
So it’s first come – first served.
And the remedies are going fast.

So you had better order now.

icon2You can now naturally and dramatically heal your Sinus Infection – without drugs.

Simply follow the simple instructions

icon2It is that easy.




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